With twenty-five years of combined litigation experience in state and federal courts across Virginia and North Carolina, we represent businesses and individuals in a variety of disputes ranging from contractual claims to employment disputes to personal injury actions.  We work with clients to identify up front their goals in any litigation, providing representation that is strategic, cost-effective, and focused on achieving their preferred outcomes.

Breach of Contract and Business Disputes

For most individuals and businesses, litigation and related disputes are a time-consuming, expensive distraction. But failing to take those matters seriously can pose a significant risk to everything that you have worked for years to build. Whether it is aggressively representing a business in court or diligently working to prevent a dispute from turning into litigation in the first place, we fight to protect our clients’ interests and to minimize the frustration and costs that these legal headaches entail.

Employment Disputes and Discrimination

The employer-employee relationship is one of the biggest sources of litigation in our country. From disputes over compensation and the terms of employment contracts to allegations of discrimination to assessing the validity of non-competition provisions, we have decades of experience litigating complex employment disputes. Unlike many firms, we represent a mix of employees and employers, and we use the knowledge learned from our diverse experience to assist our clients in every matter.

Personal Injury

Accidents are an unfortunate reality of life, and injured parties deserve strong, aggressive representation who will fight for fair compensation for their clients’ injuries. We represent parties across Southern Virginia who have been injured in automobile collisions and other accidents, and we put our prior experience – as lawyers hired by insurance companies to defend such suits – to use to help our clients achieve an outcome that reflects the severity of their injuries.

Construction Disputes

An active construction sector is an indicator of a strong economy, but – despite the best intentions of parties – problems with contracts and a builder’s work often arise. In these instances, it is important to work with attorneys who understand the construction industry and the nuances of construction law in Virginia, including the time-sensitive requirements regarding the filing of mechanics’ liens. We have the knowledge and experience to act quickly on behalf of clients.

Local Counsel

We also serve as local counsel in courts throughout Southern Virginia, advising clients on local rules and expectations and taking the lead when requested. We will work with primary counsel to examine clients’ needs and determine how best we can assist in each matter.