Developing an estate plan is an essential step in preparing for your and your family’s future.  From determining how you transfer your assets to the next generation to outlining your desires with respect to your health and other important end-of-life considerations, we can assist you to develop an approach that accurately reflects your values and goals.

Wills and Trusts

Whether you plan to leave your assets to one person or to a host of individuals and charitable organizations, a Will is a crucial document for ensuring that your wishes are carried out and your property is distributed as you envisioned. Depending on your circumstances or those of your family, you may benefit from creating a Trust as part of the estate planning process, particularly if you plan to leave assets to young children or grandchildren.

With each new estate planning client, we hold an in-depth meeting to discuss your assets, your goals for transferring those assets, your particular family situation, and any concerns that you may have about transferring your assets. Our chief goal is ensuring that our clients feel comfortable and secure about their estate plans.

Powers of Attorney

An important component of your estate plan is the execution of a Power of Attorney (POA), which gives an individual – known as your agent – the authority to act on your behalf in legal and financial matters. Having a POA is beneficial at all stages of life but is particularly important as you age and are less easily able to act on your own. Our attorneys regularly advise clients regarding the individuals to whom such authority should be granted and the appropriate powers to give to them.

Advance Medical Directives

Medical decisions that will be made at the end of a person’s life represent a significant source of concern for many individuals, but this stress can be greatly minimized through the drafting and execution of an appropriate Advance Medical Directive (AMD). Through an AMD, you can outline the specific treatment that you do and do not wish to receive and designate a friend or family member to make those decisions according to your wishes. Our attorneys will discuss options with you so that your AMD matches your preferences.

Estate Administration

Following the loss of a loved one, inevitably someone has the responsibility to administer that person’s estate. For many, particularly those who have not been through the process before, this can be a daunting, and at times overwhelming, experience.

In addition to working with clients to prepare comprehensive estate plans, our attorneys have experience assisting estate administrators and can assist you at each step during this process.