We pride ourselves on meeting the needs of businesses large and small and on partnering with them as they grow. From assisting with entity creation to providing ongoing compliance counsel, particularly with respect to employment law needs, we work with clients at every stage. We learn our clients’ industries and leverage that knowledge to turn challenges into opportunities.

We also understand the demand among businesses for cost-efficient and cost-effective legal services. Our fractional general counsel and flat-fee offerings provide the creativity and predictability that clients demand in today’s rapidly changing landscape.

Business Creation

Entrepreneurs make many crucial decisions, but perhaps the most important is selecting a legal entity (e.g., corporation, limited liability company) for a new business, which can help to shield an individual from personal liability for business-related problems. Too often, though, owners rush their selections, picking a particular entity without researching the pros and cons of an option or carefully considering whether it meets the needs of their business. 

We work with our clients to identify the appropriate legal structure for each business and, as appropriate, to convert existing entities to new entities that better meet our clients’ diverse needs. We also connect clients with our robust network of related service providers, including accountants, insurance representatives, and investment advisors, who help to ensure that business owners receive comprehensive advice regarding a variety of challenges that they may encounter.

Contract Drafting and Negotiation

Businesses rely on contracts every day to manage relationships with business partners, employees, and vendors. Too often, these agreements are hastily prepared and contain vague, poorly drafted provisions that ultimately pose more problems than they solve. 

We work with our clients to understand the key parameters of every deal and use that detail-oriented approach to prepare clear, understandable agreements that outline expectations for all parties involved. Whether you are cementing a new relationship with another business, renegotiating a deal with a supplier, or hiring an executive, we can assist you in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

Acquiring or Selling a Business

Buying or selling a business can be a complex undertaking. If you do not understand all aspects of a deal, the consequences can be very costly from a financial perspective. Our attorneys have experience negotiating a diverse set of transactions across various business sectors, and we put that knowledge to work for our clients.

Buy-Sell Agreements and Succession Planning

For many business owners, achieving a certain level of success presents new challenges that were not previously envisioned, including how to transfer ownership of the company and how to facilitate a smooth leadership transition.

Our attorneys understand the need for predictability and work with business clients to develop buy-sell agreements that make sense for an entity’s owners.  We also counsel clients on key considerations with respect to succession planning, whether the business expects to stay within a family or instead plans to bring in new blood so that it continues to thrive for years to come.